Why Does the Nile Flood Each Year?

Answer The Nile River, the longest river in the world, stretches more than 4,000 miles long and up to five miles wide. The Nile floods annually and deposits fertile soil for agriculture. Ancient Egypt owe... Read More »

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In which African city and country do the White Nile and Blue Nile converge?

The White Nile and Blue Nile rivers converge in the city of Khartoum in the African country of Sudan "and continue to flow northward as the Great Nile," according to the National Aeronautics and Sp... Read More »

In what year was the 40-day flood?

Biblical scholars estimate that the 40-day flood, as mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, occurred between the years 3,000 and 2,000 BCE. Scholars calculate this date by adding the life spa... Read More »

What year was the Big Thompson Flood?

The flood of Big Thompson Canyon occurred on July 31, 1976. A tremendous rainstorm caused the area to return to its primordial state and killed 144 people that were at the Colorado destination dur... Read More »

Who invented the 200-year flood plain?

In 1973, the National Flood Insurance Program of FEMA developed the 100-year flood plain concept to predict flood severity and frequency. Banks set risk-based rates and requirements for flood insur... Read More »