Why Does my vacuum makes smelly air when I use it?

Answer mine gets like that when i have vaccumed under the dining room table. ( the food) i always buy those sheets of air fresheners and cut off small pieces and put them in my air filter. dont cover th... Read More »

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Why is the Kirby vacuum cleaner smelly?

If it smells like burnt rubber, the belt needs to be replaced.Be sure to check the beater brush for hair, especially toward the ends. Buildup can limit the brush's ability to spin freely and may ca... Read More »

1989 jimmy starter making vacuum sound. When we jump the solenoid the starter makes only a whirling noise much like a vacuum cleaner. Any ideas on what is causing this?

IF you are jumping the right set of terminals, then: The solenoid is failing to 'push' the starter (pinion) into place and engaging the flywheel. The solenoid needs to be replaced, although the pin... Read More »

A man cleaning his apartment pushes a vacuum cleaner with a force of magnitude 79.3 N The force makes an angle of 22.8 with the horizontal floor The vacuum cleaner is pushed 2.29 m to the right?

AnswerMost modern ice makers require 35 to 40 psi water pressure to properly operate. Attempting to use less pressure will result in no ice at all or possibly causing the solenoid valves to not ful... Read More »

Who makes OceanBlue vacuum?

OceanBlue Cleaning System vacuums are made by OceanBlue, which is a division of Hy Cite Corporation. The Hy Cite Corporation was established in 1959 and is located in Madison, Wisconsin.References:... Read More »