Why Does it offend YOU if I call MY family REAL?

Answer Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb here. I think people are offended because if they are adopted...and they admit that they have a REAL family out there with feelings and similarities to them...then... Read More »

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Is this a real phone no. in the U.K. and if it is how would I call it from the U.S.?

011 44 7024066939011 is calling international and 44 is code for England.From a Brit in the US who always calls UK.If someone in UK was to call that number it would be 07024066939When we call it fr... Read More »

How to Get Your Family to Call You by Your Nickname?

Do your friends call you by a nickname that you like more than your real name, or you just think sounds/suits you better? Well here are some tips to help your family call you by that nickname.

Skype real call singapore?

That's too short for a phone number. Even if Singapore does have 4 digit phone numbers, the only place you could dial them as just 4 digits would be if you were already IN Singapore. If you're outs... Read More »

Real Excuses to Call Into Work?

Some people scheme to come up with real sounding excuses to avoid going into work. The human resource people know about most of them. Workers may lie about why they can't go to work for many reason... Read More »