Why Does an Auto Battery Explode?

Answer Auto batteries are filled with dangerous substances such as sulfuric acid. Accident, abuse and manufacturing failures can all cause auto batteries to explode. Therefore, batteries should always be ... Read More »

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What Makes a Car Battery Explode?

Although it is rare, car batteries can explode if not used properly. This can happen for a variety of reasons, many of which are preventable.

How Does an Auto Battery Charger Work?

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How to Wire an Auto Generator to Charge an Auto Battery?

Most automobiles use alternators instead of generators to produce electricity to charge a battery as they are more efficient, require very little maintenance and produce a higher electrical output ... Read More »

Deep Cycle Battery Vs. Auto Battery?

Twelve-volt electrical systems often make use of lead-acid secondary cell batteries. Two types of batteries are typically used for a 12-volt electrical system -- automotive batteries and deep-cycle... Read More »