Why Does Sea Water Produce Purer Ice?

Answer Sea water produces potentially purer ice than fresh water. This is due to a variety of processes known as brine rejection, in which salt and other impurities are excluded from forming ice. ... Read More »

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Does anyone know why an Insinkerator hot water dispenser has started to produce bad-smelling water?

It may be contaminated with algae. Even filtered water can get this growing in it. It may not get used enough and has become stagnant. Try dismantling and bleaching the reservoir, wash and rinse we... Read More »

Does photosynthesis produce water?

Photosynthesis does not produce water. It is the process by which plants make sugar out of six molecules of water and six molecules of carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis produces one molecule of sugar ... Read More »

Does respiration produce water?

Water is one of the products of cellular respiration, along with carbon dioxide and ATPs (adenosine triphosphate). The complete balanced equation of cellular respiration is C6H12O6 + 6O2 = 6CO2 + ... Read More »

How do water wheels produce energy?

A water wheel is a device used throughout history for removing valuable power from water flowing in a river or stream. Water wheels are still in common use in mills throughout the countries of Nepa... Read More »