Why Does My Skin Burn?

Answer Burning sensations on the skin, whether localized or widespread, are often worrisome. If the cause is not apparent, a doctor should be consulted. Fortunately, there are many instances where burning... Read More »

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Why Does Ice & Salt Burn the Skin?

If you've ever made ice cream at home, or tried to melt ice by adding salt to it, chances are that at some point you've been burned by a mixture of salt and ice. Any sufficiently cold substance, su... Read More »

At what temperature does the skin burn?

Water that is 120 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter can burn the skin very quickly and cause severe injury, according to the Home Safety Council. To help avoid such burns in the home, set your hot water... Read More »

Why does my skin burn after lotion..?

CALL TEH DAMNED DERMATOLOGIST. The meds could be too strong for you or you might have an allergy to some ingredient.ANY time you have a reaction to medicine the doc gave you, call the office and d... Read More »

At what temperature does human skin burn?

Human skin will burn when touched with a substance ranging from 130 to 140 degrees F, depending on the sensitivity of the person's skin cells. Once the substance comes into contact with the skin, i... Read More »