Why Does My Rubber Plant Have Yellow Leaves on It?

Answer Rubber plant (Ficus elastica) is a low-maintenance houseplant that actually reaches the size of a small tree, even indoors. According to the Clemson Cooperative Extension, the most common cause of ... Read More »

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Rubber Plant Leaves Are Turning Yellow?

Rubber plants (Ficus Elastica) are native to Southeast Asia, but grown as houseplants around the world in any climate. The evergreen plant has leathery, dark green leaves that appear to have a glos... Read More »

Why have the leaves on my tomato plant turned yellow?

How To Identify Tomato Plant Mosaic Virus There are many viruses which can attack your vegetables and the mosaic virus is becoming more common each year. The key sign is mottled areas of yellow le... Read More »

What does it mean when plant leaves turn yellow?

usually , over wateringthe roots are screaming help, i'm drowning

What Does it Mean When Plant Leaves Turn Brown or Yellow?

Stress symptoms first manifest themselves on a plant's foliage, turning the otherwise green leaves to shades of yellow or brown. If left untreated, the discoloration spreads as the plant weakens, e... Read More »