Why Does My Rubber Plant Have Yellow Leaves on It?

Answer Rubber plant (Ficus elastica) is a low-maintenance houseplant that actually reaches the size of a small tree, even indoors. According to the Clemson Cooperative Extension, the most common cause of ... Read More »

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Rubber Plant Leaves Are Turning Yellow?

Rubber plants (Ficus Elastica) are native to Southeast Asia, but grown as houseplants around the world in any climate. The evergreen plant has leathery, dark green leaves that appear to have a glos... Read More »

What Causes Yellow Leaves on a Hibiscus Plant?

Hibiscus, also known as tropical hibiscus and Chinese hibiscus, are tropical shrubs or trees that produce vibrant-colored flowers and dark green leaves, according to the National Gardening Associat... Read More »

Why Are My Plant's Leaves Turning Yellow?

Yellowing foliage on a plant is disheartening and causes concern, especially since you invested time and effort on its establishment. Because healthy foliage is typically green, yellowing leaves si... Read More »

Why are my tomato plant leaves yellow?

Tomato plants are one of the most popular garden plants in the home garden. A very common problem is yellowing leaves. There are many possible reasons for this, none of which are beyond help.Nitrog... Read More »