Why Does My Oil Light Come on When I Have Plenty of Oil in My Car?

Answer Misunderstanding the warning lights on your car's dashboard can be as dangerous an ignoring them. Most cars require an electronic diagnostic from a mechanic to properly diagnose issues, yet it is p... Read More »

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I have a HP C5280 All-in-one and it keeps saying it's out of paper when it has plenty.?

This is 'cause printers paper detecting sensor is not getting activated.So when u insert paper just check which sensor is getting activated when u load n unload papers in tray.It must have damaged ... Read More »

When you have sex and the gentleman ejaculates in you, when you have your period does it come out in big cloth?

Umm..I am just not getting this Q. A big cloth? What like a sheet, towel, bolt of fabric..what?

Why does smoke come out of the fireplace in my bedroom when i light a fire in the lounge?

Sounds like a blockage within your chimney and needs to be looked at straight away as chimney fires kill.

When I shine a light in one of my ears, I see the light come out of my other ear. Is this normal?

When you shine it in your mouth....where does the light shine out from?