Why Does My Oil Light Come on When I Have Plenty of Oil in My Car?

Answer Misunderstanding the warning lights on your car's dashboard can be as dangerous an ignoring them. Most cars require an electronic diagnostic from a mechanic to properly diagnose issues, yet it is p... Read More »

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Why do we see plenty of old Harleys?

I think it is mostly a financial decision. A 20 year old Harley is worth some money so it's worth spending the money to keep it running over the years. A 20 year old Honda just isn't something most... Read More »

How to Get Plenty of Sleep Before a Test?

Do you have a big test or exam and can't seem to sleep the night before? Here are some general tips to help you get some shut eye so you won't doze off during testing.

Why does the toddler need to eat plenty of protein?

Answer Because he/she is growing fast.All children need plenty of protein for growth and repair, carbs for energy (good carbs like wholemeal bread and pasta, and brown rice, NOT cake, cookies and c... Read More »

I have a HP C5280 All-in-one and it keeps saying it's out of paper when it has plenty.?

This is 'cause printers paper detecting sensor is not getting activated.So when u insert paper just check which sensor is getting activated when u load n unload papers in tray.It must have damaged ... Read More »