Why Does My Laptop Run Warm?

Answer A number of things can cause your laptop to run warmer than it should, and none of them will be doing your laptop any favors. You can avoid damage to your laptop by understanding what causes a lapt... Read More »

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I had a bottle of red wine sitting next to my laptop where warm air is coming out. Is it okay?

Glad you found the best answer!But, no, red wine should never be around circulating air (hot or cold). Red wine needs a constant temperature, else the complexities break down into bad tasting (and ... Read More »

Laptop Battery Is Cool, but area around AC is very warm/hot, is it okay to keep playing?

Normally the AC adapter gets very warm or hot. It should cool down though when the battery is fully charged. So probably there's something wrong with your battery. Try to replace it, check out lapt... Read More »

If you are six weeks pregnant will it hurt the baby if you use a laptop computer on your lap since it gets warm?

Answer No, It will not hurt the baby. Even if you were to sit in a hot tub for an extended amount of time, you would over heat before the baby would. If you feel like you yourself are getting too ... Read More »

I have on my warm blue sweater tonight,,,,,,what or who is keeping you warm?

My memories are keeping me warm....andMy pink turtleneck sweater is helping....Peace.