Why Does My Laptop Have No Sound?

Answer Unlike desktop computers, which typically require external speakers or headphones in order to play sound, laptop computers have a speaker built-in to allow you to hear sound, regardless of whether ... Read More »

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What if your laptop speakers have no sound but there is sound in the headphones?

the magnet pulls a spring which vibrates a speaker to make high and low sounds ths is all caused by wires and other things that have radio thing majigs which know what song it is so it tells how mu... Read More »

Do laptop computers have sound?

It should - look for a thing that looks like a microphone on the bottom tool bar. Otherwise a speaker control should be on the top above the F keys ... hope that helps.Yeah - what Elaine said - not... Read More »

I dont have any sound on my laptop please help?

its not on mute so ignore people saying thatif the computer is reporting no sound device then you need to install the drivers for ithere is a link for you…... Read More »

How do i find my sound card--i do not have any documention about my laptop?

Go to your manufacturers website. They should allow you to download the manual. Sound cards in laptops are usually not easily replacable, as they are often included as part of the main board, or no... Read More »