Why Does My Hair Turn Yellow after I Lighten It?

Answer Beautiful blond locks and lustrous highlighted hair are enviable traits that many try to achieve. You purchase hair products for lightening your strands in the hopes of attaining desirable tones, o... Read More »

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Why Does Gray Hair Turn Yellow?

Gray hair turning yellow can be alarming for many. Reasons such as medications, smoking and age-related causes may play a factor in why gray hair turns yellow. You can eliminate the causes of gray ... Read More »

How to Lighten Hair Color After Coloring It Too Darkly?

When coloring your hair, mistakes are not uncommon. You may wish to achieve a certain shade, only to discover it turns out much darker than you anticipated. Thankfully, you can correct hair colorin... Read More »

What Makes White Hair Turn Yellow?

White hair is completely lacking in melanin, the pigment that gives the hair color. White hair might be caused by stress, smoking, overuse of peroxide and nutritional imbalances. In most instances,... Read More »

Does ivory turn yellow?

Yes it does, in the dark, think of old pianos, if left with the lid down constantly they turn yellow over time ( a long time, like many years) but you can prevent it by putting it in direct sunligh... Read More »