Why Does My Hair Fall Out When I Wash It?

Answer You might be alarmed to see your hair fall out during washing. However, usually, there's no need to fret over your wet tresses. It's perfectly normal to lose about 50 to 80 strands of hair a day. W... Read More »

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Why does my hair fall out when i wash it /brush it?

This is because your hair is most vulnerable when it's wet. If you have to brush it while it's wet you should try using a wide tooth comb. It will cause less breakage. If this is you are seriously ... Read More »

Why Does My Relaxer Fade When I Wash My Hair?

A hair relaxer's calming effects can often be diminished once the hair is introduced to moisture. This infusion of water can occur through simple shampooing or the natural, humid environment. ... Read More »

Does your hair start to fall out when you are pregnant?

Answer Yes your hair falling out can be a sign of pregnancy and to decreese this take your vitamins i had this happ. with all 4 of my pregancys it was actually on of the first things i noticed

When you wash your hair and rinse well, does any shampoo or conditioner stay on your hair?

Yes, if you are seeing a build up on your hair I would try rinsing in cold water also try not to put conditioner on your scalp because it may build up there too and make you look like you have dand... Read More »