Why Does My Ford Engine Shake at Idle?

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How to Adust the Idle in a '66 Ford 289 Engine?

Ford's 289 engine came with a single carburetor in 1966. A carburetor is most commonly associated with preparing the combustible mixture of air and fuel required by the engine, but the carburetor a... Read More »

How to Adjust the Idle on a 1988 Ford 302 Engine?

Many mechanics would argue that the Ford 302 V8 engine was one of the best engines Ford created due to the simplistic design and ease of use. Basic do-it-yourself engine repair on the 302 requires ... Read More »

My 1999 Ford Taurus Rough Idle, Stalls and the Check Engine Light Is On?

Say what you will about its styling, but Ford's ultimate bubble-car approach to aesthetics didn't keep the Taurus -- and its Mercury Sable stablemate -- from claiming the title of best-selling car ... Read More »

Why Does My Ford Taurus Idle Rough?

Rough idling can be caused by a number of things. If the engine's self-diagnostic system isn't of any help, then diagnosing the problem is a process of elimination. An engine requires three things... Read More »