Why Does My Chimney Ice Up?

Answer The chimney serves as a vent for the furnace, fireplace or other heat source. The gases formed during combustion--typically poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide--naturally ris... Read More »

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How much does a chimney cost?

it costs between 150 dollars to 200 because they keep u warm and there expensive

How much does a metal chimney cost?

The cost of a metal chimney ranges according to the size. As of 2010, a metal fireplace chimney with a 6-inch diameter and 36-inch length costs $136. A self-installation kit including an 8-inch dia... Read More »

What does it cost to build a chimney?

Depending on the contractor, the exact type of work that needs to be completed and the difficultly of the task at hand, a chimney can cost $100 to $300 per linear foot, or upwards of $3,000 for an ... Read More »

Does a pellet stove use a chimney pipe?

All wood-burning pellet stoves utilize a chimney pipe to ventilate combustion fumes and smoke. Some pellet stoves are designed as fireplace inserts that vent through a metal duct installed inside t... Read More »