Why Does My Chevy Truck Smell Like Gas?

Answer A gasoline odor emanating from your Chevy pickup might indicate a problem and a fire hazard. If yours is an older Chevy truck, it might be less of a problem and more of an unnecessary nuisance. Eit... Read More »

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Why Does My Chevy Truck Exhaust Smell Like Gas?

Gasoline odor in auto exhaust indicates that gasoline vapor is passing through the engine without being burned. This can signal one of three basic problems with the engine's performance: misfire, t... Read More »

Will a 1981 chevy hood fit on a 1979 chevy truck?

The hood from a 1981 will not interchange with a 1979 Chevy truck. The hood and front fenders from a 1973 to 1980 Chevy will interchange. The 1979 door will fit the 1981 if it is from the same type... Read More »

How to Recharge the AC in a Chevy Truck?

You need to recharge the air conditioning (AC) system in your Chevy truck when the system has been repaired or it has lost refrigerant due to component failure. The tools and equipment you will nee... Read More »

How much weight can a Chevy truck tow?

Maximum towing capacity for a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is 10,700 pounds, and capacity for the Hybrid version is 6,100 pounds.Source:Consumer Guide Auto