Why Does My Car Window Go Down Slowly?

Answer A car window that moves slowly can be quite annoying, and if not fixed may stop working altogether. A power window may move slowly for a number or reasons, however most fixes for a slow power windo... Read More »

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My computer chair keeps going down slowly....?

This is an easy fix. Somehow the hydraulic gas cylinder where it connects to the bottom of the chair is staying pushed in. All you have to do is seperate the cylinder from the chair and you will se... Read More »

Why water evaporates very slowly in a fridge.write down 2 reasons?

Answer why water evaporates very slowly in a fridge?write down 2 reasons? Answer condensation and freezing

My computer is responding really slowly and it takes me ages to shut down, help?

i know the feeling! doesnt it bug you!i think it depends who you've got your connection with and if its 1mb 2mb etc?

What does hanging a shirt on the window of a broke down car mean?

Hanging a shirt or other material out of the window of a disabled or broken-down vehicle signifies that you require help from a police officer or tow truck, according to Tying a shi... Read More »