Why Does My Car Temperature Gauge Fluctuate?

Answer The temperature gauge on your vehicle indicates the temperature of the coolant in your engine. A fluctuating temperature gauge suggests inconsistencies in some part of your vehicle's cooling system... Read More »

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How to Install an Oil Temperature Gauge?

Enthusiastic owners of performance vehicles want to get peak performance from their vehicles. The best way to do this is to know what is going on in the engine. While most cars have so-called "idio... Read More »

What Causes a Car's Temperature Gauge to Increase?

A vehicle's temperature gauge will rise for several reasons, but some causes are more difficult to identify than others. A hot car can cause numerous problems to the engine, transmission and other ... Read More »

How to Test a Temperature Gauge?

Many professional and amateur mechanics use temperature gauges to check to see if a certain part or component of a vehicle is running hot or sometimes even cold. Though temperature gauges are usual... Read More »

How to Connect a Water Temperature Gauge?

An accurate water temperature gauge can help spot engine problems before major damage is done. If your car or truck didn't come factory equipped with one, you can install one yourself. Mechanically... Read More »