Why Does My Car Overheat When I Turn on the Heater?

Answer An engine's cooling system performs a fine balancing act under even the best of circumstances. While rerouting fluid through the heater core won't generally impede system function, it will exacerba... Read More »

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Why does my heater(furnace) turn on and off every time I turn it on?

Your furnace is short cycling. Possible problems Block air filter bad limits faulty pressure switch It may also be the control board I doubt its the gas valve as if it fires and stays running its p... Read More »

How do I turn down the gas water heater?

Locate Thermostat PanelLocate the thermostat panel cover toward the bottom of the hot water heater. It is near the gas valve. Remove the screws that secure the thermostat panel cover to the hot wat... Read More »

Is it cheaper to use a space heater or turn up the heat?

We'd need to know a little more about the situation to be able to tell you for sure. We'd need to know cost of gas and electricity in your area and how well insulated your new place is and the age... Read More »

How to Turn on a Rheem Electric Hot Water Heater?

All Rheem electric water heaters heat water with an electrically powered element inserted into the water tank or attached to the water line–as is the case with a tank-less water heater. The commo... Read More »