Why Does My Car Overheat When I Turn on the Heater?

Answer An engine's cooling system performs a fine balancing act under even the best of circumstances. While rerouting fluid through the heater core won't generally impede system function, it will exacerba... Read More »

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Why does my heater(furnace) turn on and off every time I turn it on?

Your furnace is short cycling. Possible problems Block air filter bad limits faulty pressure switch It may also be the control board I doubt its the gas valve as if it fires and stays running its p... Read More »

Why Does My Car Overheat When Idling?

The cooling system of an automobile is a balanced combination of components working together to efficiently remove the heat from the engine and dissipate it into the air. When one component fails t... Read More »

Why does my computer overheat when playing minecraft?

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Why does my laptop overheat on a pillow?