Why Does My Car Jerk While Driving?

Answer There are a few things that will cause a car to jerk either to the side or while shifting gears. The average auto owner can troubleshoot these problems. The repairs will require a professional.

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Why Does the Car Shake While Driving?

As cars age, the components on it can suffer from a multitude of ailments. Suspension bushings can become cracked and dried out, wheels can become bent and tires can be worn. This happens from norm... Read More »

While driving is a practical experience, it can be enjoyable too. What makes driving fun for you?

driving is fun for for me because it gives me freedom, knowing that my driving can take me places i might not have gone before, and take my children places too, i love driving when im going somewhe... Read More »

How Long Does it Take to Recharge a Car Battery While Driving?

To charge your car battery while driving, you must be running the RPMs at or above 1000. If the battery is completely drained, it takes approximately 30 minutes to provide a sufficient charge to re... Read More »

How long does it take to charge a car battery while driving?

It takes around 30 minutes to fully charge a car battery while driving. Whenever a car is running, its alternator produces electricity, which in turn charges the battery. For optimal charging of th... Read More »