Why Does My Car Blow Hot Air Through the Vents?

Answer If you have enjoyed the benefits of a properly working air conditioner in your vehicle, then you will quickly notice if it starts to blow hot air through the vents. Having information on why this o... Read More »

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Which is better: ridge vents versus power vents?

On One Hand: Ridge Vents Work BetterRidge vents work better than power vents because they create more air flow throughout the attic. This air flow will keep the temperature in the attic close to th... Read More »

What to do if you need to blow your nose and have nothing to blow it on?

suck it back in baby! Suck it back in!!!!

What are gable vents?

Attic spaces in homes must be properly ventilated, particularly in summer, when heat and moisture build up in the space between insulated ceilings and the roof. Gable vents are a common way to vent... Read More »

How to Cover Vents?

As the name suggests, a vent helps ventilate an area, like a basement or garage, by allowing air to move outward, either into other parts of the home or outside. A vent cover is useful if you want ... Read More »