Why Does My Car Backfire Through the Carburetor?

Answer Engines are precise devices, involved as they are in a constant dance with flame, spark and iron that takes pinpoint timing to pull off. Intake and exhaust backfires may be an indication that some ... Read More »

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Why Does My Carburetor Backfire?

A carburetor backfire describes the small explosion that sometimes occurs when starting up a car. It generally makes a loud sound, like a gunshot, and occasionally is accompanied by a visible flame.

Causes of an Engine Carburetor Backfire?

Most engine backfires result from an improper air to fuel mixture which causes unburned fuel to explode outside the combustion chamber. This can happen either in the intake manifold or as gas is ex... Read More »

Car Backfire Causes?

When a car backfires, it means that something has stopped working properly in the emission system in the engine. There are a number of things that can cause the improper fuel/air mixture which leav... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Backfire in an Audi?

Because of advances in engine design in the past 20 years, cars do not backfire nearly as often as they once did. If your Audi is backfiring, this could be a sign of several different problems with... Read More »