Why Does Lichen Grow on Only One Side of the Tree?

Answer Lichens are the moss-like organisms that grow on the bark of trees. They capitalize on the warm, sunny situation that a tree trunk provides. Contrary to popular belief, lichen neither harms its h... Read More »

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How to Remove Lichen on a Tree Trunk?

Lichen, a composite plant growth, is essentially a fungus containing photosynthetic algae cells. These growths get the majority of their water and nutrients from the atmosphere, unlike typical fung... Read More »

When you grow an avocado tree do you put the pointed side of the pit or seed up or down?

To grow an avocado pit, put toothpicks around the pit and suspend it in a glass of water. Keep the bottom of the pit covered in water, and the pointed end goes up. The pit will sprout in less than ... Read More »

Why does my tail light work on one side only?

Not only can a dim or failing tail light be frustrating, it can be dangerous. Police officers may also pull you over and possibly give you a ticket for the light. There are a couple reasons a tail ... Read More »

Does a pomegranate grow on a tree?

technically its a bush but it really looks like a treeyes pomegranates grow on trees