Why Does Hair Grow Different Lengths After a Haircut?

Answer After a new haircut you may wonder why your hair is growing at different lengths. There are many reasons hair would grow at different speeds when you get a haircut. They can range from genetics to... Read More »

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How to Grow Black Hair to Incredible Lengths?

It is a myth that afro-textured hair doesn't grow. Although the curliness that usually defines black hair makes the hair appear shorter, due to shrinkage, this hair type grows the same as any other... Read More »

How to Cut Hair in Different Lengths for a Layered Effect?

Stylists incorporate layers into hair to reduce its bulkiness and add style. Long, medium-length or short haircuts gain more volume and shape with layers added. Stylists use a few different tools t... Read More »

How to Make Hair Different Lengths With Clippers?

Using clippers to create a layered haircut is manageable. However, the results will depend upon how you manipulate the strands of hair, meaning at what angle you cut. According to the Hairfinder we... Read More »

How to Care for Great Lengths Hair Extensions?

Great Lengths was voted the Favorite Extension Company by stylists at the 2009 Stylists Choice Awards. By the company's own statement it uses only the finest hair; Indian Temple Hair. If you have G... Read More »