Why Does Gray Hair Turn Yellow?

Answer Gray hair turning yellow can be alarming for many. Reasons such as medications, smoking and age-related causes may play a factor in why gray hair turns yellow. You can eliminate the causes of gray ... Read More »

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Does hair turn gray or grow out gray from the roots?

How Can I Remove the Yellow From My Gray Hair?

One thing people might not realize about gray hair is that it can develop a film from environmental resins. Whether they're byproducts of conditioners that coat the hair reacting to ultraviolet ray... Read More »

How to Get the Yellow Cast Out of Gray Hair?

Hair turns gray as you age because the hair loses its pigment. When the pigment is lost, the hair slowly fades to gray, then white. Without pigment, you hair can easily pick up other pigments to wh... Read More »

How to Remove Yellow From Gray Hair?

You might decide to keep your gray hair as it is without coloring it. From time to time, though, you might notice that portions of your gray hair have turned yellow. This can be very noticeable and... Read More »