Why Does Dog Urine Burn Grass?

Answer Patches of brown in an otherwise healthy lawn is a typical sign that a dog resides there. It has become common knowledge that where a dog urinates on the grass, it will die. Desiring a green lawn, ... Read More »

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How to get rid of urine burn stains on the grass from my dog?

you soon as your dog does, throw a bucket ow water over it (The area not the dog)

How to Rid Your Grass of Dog Urine Spots?

After they've successfully potty trained their pets, a new problem besets many dog owners: a lawn dotted by sizable dark green or yellow-brown patches. These discolored spots are the result of dog ... Read More »

Does dog urine really hurt your grass?

Well in response to others comments... theres not ammonia in dogs urine, its nitrogen. As for the question asker- no it will not hurt it, it does burn the grass, but this is cause by the nitrogen c... Read More »

How do I neutralize pet urine in grass?

Rinse the AreaPour a bucket of water onto the area where the pet urinated immediately after elimination. Or use a garden hose to flush the area with water immediately after the pet urinates.Use Chl... Read More »