Why Does Dog Urine Burn Grass?

Answer Patches of brown in an otherwise healthy lawn is a typical sign that a dog resides there. It has become common knowledge that where a dog urinates on the grass, it will die. Desiring a green lawn, ... Read More »

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How to get rid of urine burn stains on the grass from my dog?

you soon as your dog does, throw a bucket ow water over it (The area not the dog)

Does cat urine damage st. augustine grass?

Cats can produce both acidic and alkaline urine, depending on their diet. St. Augustine grass grows in neutral soils with pH levels ranging from 5.0 to 8.5, but becomes damaged when it comes into c... Read More »

Does dog urine really hurt your grass?

Well in response to others comments... theres not ammonia in dogs urine, its nitrogen. As for the question asker- no it will not hurt it, it does burn the grass, but this is cause by the nitrogen c... Read More »

Does grass fertilizer burn?

Fertilizer provides a way for your lawn to soak up nutrients. But, used incorrectly, it can also burn the grass. This "burn" refers to the dehydration of the grass roots or the actual blades of gra... Read More »