Why Do You Put Fragrances on Your Pulse Points?

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Why is it best to spray perfume on pulse points?

How should I or where should I apply fragrance?Fragrance should be applied to pulse points. This is where the blood vessels are closest to the skin giving off more heat and acting like mini fragran... Read More »

Why is perfume rubbed on pulse points such as the wrists and behind the ears?

Supposedly because the slightly higher temperature at these points helps the evaporation of the perfume. I find a dab of sheepshit behind the ears keeps off unwanted suitors.(By unwanted suitors I ... Read More »

What are your favorite flower fragrances?

Easter Lily (called, I think, Resurrection Lily); Red Peony; Citrus (Orange and Lemon); Star Jasmine; Honeysuckle; Purple Lilacs; Red Lilacs; Carnation; Carnation Pinks (smell like cloves); Apricot... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Natural Fragrances & Essential Oils?

Perfumes are blends of pure essential oils or synthetic fragrances in alcohol. Essential oils are natural fragrances, obtained from flowers, leaves, seeds and bark by distillation. Making natural p... Read More »