Why Do Window Wipers Rattle?

Answer Without windshield wipers, a drive in the rain would be nearly impossible. However, wipers, can occasionally have irritating glitches. For instance, wipers can rattle, which, at higher speeds, can ... Read More »

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How to Change Window Wipers?

Windshield wiper blades should be replaced every six months or so, but many motorists wait until they can barely see through the glass before replacing them. Taking the time to replace your wiper b... Read More »

Do fighter jets have window wipers?

no cause there is no use for them - - - - - There's plenty of use for them--most planes have window wipers--but a fighter jet doesn't have them because the wind would tear them off, and because t... Read More »

How to Rattle Up Deer?

Rattling deer involves clashing together sets of deer antlers to mimic the sounds of two male deer fighting. Male deer fight during the rut, or breeding season, in competition for available female ... Read More »

How to fix the rattle in my speakers.?

If the dome is dented, that would not cause a rattle - speakers rattle when they are damaged. You probably need to replace the speakers. Sorry.