Why Do Squash Plants Turn Yellow?

Answer Squash plants are usually easy to grow and reward the gardener with a fruit that is ready to pick shortly after pollination. Healthy squash plants require fertile, well-drained soil, full sun and ... Read More »

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What Causes Pepper Plants to Turn Yellow?

Peppers are a warm-season crop that produces an abundant harvest when plants are healthy. Yellow pepper plants are a warning sign that growing conditions are less than ideal. Off-color foliage may ... Read More »

What Is the Problem When Pea Plants Turn Yellow?

Pea plants are popular garden vegetables throughout much of the country. These cool-weather crops usually grow in the early spring, depending upon location. Pea plants are fairly quick and easy to ... Read More »

What causes the leaves of tomato plants to turn yellow?

Tomato Yellow Leaf Click on the links below for tomato-related problems.

What makes tomato plants turn yellow?

Tomatoes are a popular plant for the patio and the garden. With a dense green foliage and attractive yellow blooms and red fruit, tomatoes are easy to grow and good to eat. A tomato plant is signi... Read More »