Why Do Some Vehicles Use a Thermal Expansion Valve?

Answer The thermal expansion valve is an integral component in many parts that control the cooling of air. It can typically be found in a refrigerator or air conditioning unit, even if that unit happens t... Read More »

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How to Change Out a Thermal Expansion Valve?

You'll need an afternoon to replace the thermal expansion valve of your vehicle's air conditioning system. You will find the thermal expansion valve mounted on the inlet of the evaporator, since mo... Read More »

How to Calculate Thermal Expansion of Steel?

Like most materials, steel expands when the surrounding temperature increases. Each material has a different response to the heat, which is characterized by its thermal expansion coefficient. The t... Read More »

Thermal Expansion Science Experiments for Kids?

At some point in your elementary education, you probably heard of the basic rule that hot air rises. This is easy to remember, but the reason why may not be. Hot air rises due to thermal expansion,... Read More »

What Is an Expansion Valve?

Expansion valves are used in systems that need to carefully monitor the flow of fluids. Sometimes expansion valves are used to control gases, such as the natural gas mixture that is used to provide... Read More »