Why Do Scientists Use Biochemical Characters?

Answer Chemists, biochemists and biologists often use what may sound like very complicated terminology to describe chemical reactions and processes inside cells. To the uninitiated, it may sound confusing... Read More »

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How to Remember Biochemical Pathways?

If you're studying biology at college or working your way through medical school, you'll encounter classes where you're expected to remember components of specific biochemical pathways such as glyc... Read More »

How to Learn About the Biochemical Processes in Mammalians?

Biochemistry in mammalians in general and in humans in particular is unique and distinguishable from other living creatures. In this article there will be discussion of the biochemistry in mammalia... Read More »

Colleges That Offer a Master's Degree in Biochemical Engineering?

Biochemical engineering is an in-demand, highly profitable field for scientists. It applies chemical engineering processes to biological phenomena. Within the fields of agriculture, health care and... Read More »

List of Four Properties of Water That Make It an Ideal Medium for Biochemical Reactions?

Water covers two-third's of the earth's surface. It is essential for the biochemical reactions that enable life. Four properties of water that make it an ideal medium for these biochemical reactio... Read More »