Why Do Reptiles Have Scales?

Answer Scales are an important adaptation that evolved to help reptiles deal with the challenges of their environments. Most reptiles evolved scales for protection and to prevent dehydration, but there ar... Read More »

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Do all reptiles have scales?

All reptiles have scales. The reptile family includes snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises. Frogs, newts and salamanders are amphibians, which are closely related to reptiles, but amphibians do n... Read More »

What is the function of scales on reptiles?

All reptiles have scales; it is one of the traits that define a reptile. Scales help reptiles live in dry environments by keeping the moisture in their bodies from evaporating.CompositionA reptile'... Read More »

Why do people make songs for the scales they learn(im learning piano scales)?

It may help your ear in identifying the scales. As you are self teaching yourself, one thing that you need to know that ear-training is a very vital aspect to learning piano (or any instrument). ... Read More »

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