Why Do People Slit Their Wrists?

Answer never understood this. there are many other less painful and quicker ways to end it all.

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I slit my wrists, and im getting addicted to it, and now i want to hurt other people?

I slit my wrists?

You should really try to find the underlying problem chicken.. This is a very serious matter which will only end in disaster.Talk to someone you trust..And keep talking. - Your not alone

I slit my wrists, but i think i stopped?

r u emo?I don't really think you stopped, but u better.

Is it wrong to slit your wrists?

If you ACTUALLY slit your wrists, I highly doubt you would be typing. As for self-harm, yeah. It's wrong. I've been doing it for six years. It's a hard habit to break. You've just got to try to thi... Read More »