Why Do People Rake Leaves?

Answer An autumn ritual wherever deciduous trees grow in proximity to humans, raking fall leaves is a necessary chore before winter sets in. Rake leaves promptly, as soon as the trees above them have drop... Read More »

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How to Rake Wet Leaves?

With the frequency of rainy autumn weather in many areas, wet leaves can be an inevitability at some point during the autumn months. While you can sometimes wait for the leaves to dry, you may have... Read More »

How to Rake Leaves?

Fall is a beautiful season, but the yard full of thick and sometimes wet leaves can be annoying and bad for the green grass coming next year. Raking has dual benefits. It's good for the grass and i... Read More »

How to Rake Leaves in the Wind?

Leaves pose a serious problem when left laying on the lawn with a windy day approaching, as the leaves will blow and pile up along the edges of a building if not surrounded by fencing. If any attem... Read More »

Is it necessary to rake leaves?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsIn yards with many trees, beautiful fall leaves can quickly become a problem. Too many leaves can smother the lawn's grass and prevent it from surviving the winter. ... Read More »