Why Do People Make And Put Viruses On The Internet?

Answer Lots ignorant people answering here.People make viruses for:- Profit ($$$$$$)- Political/religious/etc.. reasons- For fun- For learning- To improve their image amongst the hacker communityThink abo... Read More »

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Why do people make viruses?

Some people think it's fun. These people use viruses to spy on computers or mess up the system in interesting ways. Others use them to hack into systems and retrieve passwords or personal details. ... Read More »

How Is the Wii Protected From Viruses on the Internet?

The Nintendo Wii gaming system offers not only online gaming capabilities, but also an available Internet browser channel. Like any common Web-browsing experience, there can be the possibility of l... Read More »

How do I clean viruses from Internet Explorer 7?

Click on Windows DefenderClick on the "Start" menu, and then click on "All Programs," and then click on "Windows Defender."Tap on ArrowClick on the arrow next to Scan.Select Full ScanClick on "Full... Read More »

Do computer viruses need the internet to work?

Viruses do not internet to work, but the need a way into your computer (that may be internet or a disc or external drive).Some kinds of malware also need a way to send information (like key loggers... Read More »