Why Do Only Rear Tires Spin?

Answer What makes the tire of a car spin is the application of power and the loss of traction. It most often happens because the tire is trying to get a grip on a surface that's too slippery, loose or liq... Read More »

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How to Make Your Car Tires Spin?

Spinning car tires is not just something done by teenagers driving dad's sports car for the first time. Spinning the tires on a car is actually done by professional drag racers and other race car d... Read More »

What is a Dodge Anti-Spin Rear?

Various types of differentials can be classified as "anti-spin." These include limited slip, locking and spool differentials. Each performs differently on and off the road. Generally, only limited ... Read More »

How to Remove Rear Tires?

Due to the larger tire sizes found on the rear wheels of today's motorcycles, many motorcyclists are reluctant to change tires themselves. Unlike the tires used in previous decades, today's tires a... Read More »

What size should i get for my rear tires?

I'm running a 285/30 in the rear on a 10" and they look,fit and perform just fine.