Why Do My Pickle Plants Have a Lot of Blossoms & No Fruit?

Answer Common pickles are a food usually derived from cucumbers. After the cucumbers ripen, they are picked and added to a combination of spices, sugar and vinegar to create the pickles enjoyed by many. C... Read More »

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Should you remove first blossoms from tomato plants?

Pinch the blossoms and small fruit off tomato plants until the roots are well-established. Tomato blossoms and small fruit drain energy away from a developing root system. A strong root system will... Read More »

How to Make a Dried Fruit Pickle?

A simple delicacy, rare but highly original. Simply follow the steps below for a mouth watering sweet and sour delight.

Importance of Fruit Plants?

Fruit grown on plants and trees contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber, important nutritional components for humans in order to sustain a healthy diet, according to the University of ... Read More »

What is the fruit on top of potato plants?

Potato plants occasionally produce a round, green fruit that looks like a small green tomato. They tend to appear on the Yukon Gold variety more than on others. The fruits--and according to Iowa St... Read More »