Why Do Men Lose the Hair on Their Legs As They Age?

Answer Hormone levels in the body control hair growth and loss on a man's leg. Each hair follicle has its own individual sensitivity levels to these hormones, allowing different parts of the body to grow ... Read More »

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How old should a girl be when they start to shave their legs?

Don't be in too big a hurry. It's not as much fun as it seems in the beginning. The fun in it goes away mighty fast actually. :)

Do girls really like messing with their hair daily If they had choice, would they want short hair like guys?

i do like to do my hair every day when i get good results. Right now my hair is in an in between stage and it's very unmanageable and it does make me want to cut my hair off, but not really.

Do UPS drivers lose their jobs if they are arrested for a DUI?

UPS maintains strict rules with severe punishments--often leading in termination of a person's job--especially when the matter is in regard to alcohol and other substances that may affect an indivi... Read More »

Is it true when girls wear knee high socks, they forgot to shave their legs?

i think they wouldnt forget but not need to unless it gets to big and pokes trough :P