Why Do I Walk Crooked?

Answer yeah it kind of like being pidgeon toed. There are bracers for your legs to get them fixed, but I heard it's expensive

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WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU BROKE YOUR TOE and it looks crooked?

Try really hard not to walk on it! Don't wear socks or shoes and if you have to get around, hop or hobble, don't put weight on it. If it was me I'd go to the ER.

I have bad & crooked teeth, who do I see first?

Dentist because they can tell if you if you need to go to the orthodonist.

What to do about Crooked Legs?

Usually the feet turn out because of the hip joint or muscle tone. Try doing some hip and leg exercises to strengthen your muscles. Try to walk with your feet straight all the time, the pain shou... Read More »

Are my teeth too crooked?

yes you do need them )) i had braces when i was 17 ))