Why Do I Keep Getting Centipedes in My Bathroom?

Answer Centipedes come into your bathroom seeking food and shelter. House centipedes (Scutigera coleoptrata) differ in appearance from garden centipedes, which have shorter legs. You may see house centipe... Read More »

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I keep getting sharp shooting pains in my hand its like getting an electric shot any ideas please?

You have a nerve trapped or damaged somewhere between the neck and the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist can cause this. Most people have more of a steady pain, but shooting pains instead ... Read More »

I keep falling asleep, even when i've had my full hours sleep and i keep getting tired?

Marwa,I think we all have off days sometimes. If you want an energizing exercise, or activity, go to and look up "john barnes myofascial unwinding." It's the 8:56 long video with the ... Read More »

How to Keep a Clean Bathroom?

Keeping a bathroom clean is an easy job. All you have to do is follow these steps.

I Am Getting a Sewage Smell From My Bathroom Sink?

Very few odors are as unpleasant and embarrassing to a homeowner as the smell of sewage. While they are disruptive, sewage odors from bathroom sinks are relatively common. A variety of issues can c... Read More »