Why Do I Feel So Uncomfortable When I Try To Sleep?

Answer I'm actually answering this at 5am in the morning but my insomnia sounds different to your experience so I don't think it's a massive problem. If your on your phone or tv late then your asking a lo... Read More »

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I feel sick and uncomfortable?

change drs,get a second did pick up a bug from your brother,try inhaling steam,it will clear out your head.get into a hot shower and inhale the steam,it should open up your nostrils.rub... Read More »

Why is it so uncomfortable to sleep under a duvet or blanket?

Depending on which country you live in, there will be different combinations of sheets available. In Spain the most common thing to buy is these sets of base sheet, top sheet and pillow (separates ... Read More »

Why do I get an uncomfortable feeling when I sleep on my side.?

maybe your muscles are just too tight.stand legs shoulder width apart, or a litte further apart.try stretching your torso to the top-left-corner of the room, like a side stretch, but dontt lean ove... Read More »

What movie always makes you feel uncomfortable?

Movies that make me uncomfortable are movies like Get Him To The Greek and American Pie, or just anything with a sex scene with your parents, especially your Dad, sooo awkward and uncomfortable.The... Read More »