Why Do Hurricanes Happen?

Answer A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that forms over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Hurricanes fit into one of five categories, depending on the wind speed of the storm. The lowest category hurrican... Read More »

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How to Track Hurricanes?

Hurricane Bill, 2009Have you ever wanted to track tropical cyclones with accuracy and know when to prepare? Here's how!

How to Get Insurance Against Hurricanes?

People being evacuated before a hurricane strikes.If you're worried about having to rebuild your home in the event of a disaster, follow these tips to prepare and safeguard you from having to pay o... Read More »

Barometric Pressure & Hurricanes?

When a hurricane is raging in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico, or a typhoon in the Pacific Ocean, one of the things always reported is the barometric pressure, generally shown in "inches of me... Read More »

Palm Reactions to Hurricanes?

On the whole, palm trees have evolved to become fairly resistant to the effects of hurricanes. As with any tree, shorter plants are less prone to damage than taller ones, though other factors remai... Read More »