Why Do Hamsters Bite the Cage?

Answer If you have ever owned a hamster, there's a good probability that you've heard the sound of teeth gnashing against metal bars. You might worry that your hamster will get out of its cage. Perhaps yo... Read More »

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Can Russian hamsters be put together in a cage?

According to Dog Breed Information website, sometimes you can house Russian Dwarf Hamsters together, unlike Syrian or Golden Hamsters that will fight viciously. The National Hamster Council warns t... Read More »

How to Separate Two Hamsters in One Cage?

Have you ever wanted two hamsters but they always fight? Then here is steps on how to have two hamsters live in one cage.

How to Supervise Hamsters Outside of the Cage?

Sometimes you regret letting your hamster out of the cage, as it chews things up and often goes missing. Time for some hamster supervision!

How to Make Dwarf Hamsters Stop Biting the Cage?

Hamsters (and many other pets) will bite their cages for several reasons, one being that they have not had much "free-range" time. Here are a few steps on how to correct cage-biting by bored hamsters.