Why Do Flowers Produce Nectar?

Answer Flowers use appearance, scent, structure and nectar to attract pollinators. Some flowers close during parts of the day or night to reserve their aroma, then reopen at the prime time to entice certa... Read More »

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What flowers that have nectar?

Most flowers have nectar. The list is too long to write here. There are a few that do not have nectar. An example are grasses and many Orchids. If you want to know if a particular flower has nect... Read More »

When does the Vallisneria produce its flowers?

Vallisneria americana, more commonly known as American eelgrass, is found in the wetlands of the lower 48 states of the United States of America. It produces its flowers in mid-summer.References:Sa... Read More »

Where do flowers produce pollen?

Flowers are the reproductive unit of plants of the angiosperm group. Some flowers have both male and female parts and some flowers have one or the other. The pollen is produced by the male part kno... Read More »

What kind of plants produce flowers?

Flowering plants are angiosperms. With more than 250,000 species, angiosperms make up 80 percent of the living plant species. Flowering plants can be bushes, trees and climbers, as well as perennia... Read More »