Why Do Dogs Suddenly Eat Plants or Grass?

Answer Seeing your beloved dog or puppy suddenly munching on the lawn can be concerning. Is he sick? Not being fed enough? Thankfully, pica, the technical term for eating something that is not food, is u... Read More »

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Grass Allergy in Dogs?

Grass pollen allergies are a common canine atopy allergen. Atopy allergens represent a group of irritants dogs inhale, such as dust, pollen and mold spores. Dogs generally suffer from grass pollen ... Read More »

Purple Fountain Grass & Dogs?

While most pet owners understand the importance of keeping their dogs away from pest spray, cleaning products and fertilizers, they don't realize the risks posed by many of the plants in their own ... Read More »

The Causes of Dogs Eating Dirt and Grass?

Dogs sometimes do some strange things. One of the actions that often baffle dog owners is seeing Fido eat dirt or grass. Even if a dog is well fed, it will sometimes take part in this unusual pasti... Read More »

Is Purple Fountain Grass Poisonous to Dogs?

Purple fountain grass, sometimes called red fountain grass, is known by the scientific name Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum'. A low-maintenance plant with few requirements, the striking foliage is a dr... Read More »