Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground Before Lying Down?

Answer Scratching at the ground or floor is an instinctual behavior for a dog going back to its roots as a wild animal. As a largely instinctual action, your dog may not even be aware of why it is scrat... Read More »

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Why do dogs scratch the floor before lying down?

It may seem strange to a human, but it is quite natural for a dog to scratch at the floor or bed before lying down. Your dog isn't trying to be destructive; rather she is just exhibiting innate can... Read More »

Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground?

Most dog owners will find over the course of time that their pet has some bad habits, including digging and scratching in the dirt and around bushes. A dog will exhibit this type of behavior for ma... Read More »

Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground After Peeing?

Your dog urinates on a tree, then kicks up some grass with its hind legs and scratches the ground. When your canine engages in this behavior, it may trace back its early ancestor, the wolf. This be... Read More »

Why do dogs scratch at their bed?

You take great pains to spoil your dog and provide a bed or couch at bedtime, only to see Fido pawing and scratching until the spot is a mess. Your dog isn't being destructive or ungrateful; it is ... Read More »