Why Do Companies Split Their Stock?

Answer According to, a stock split means: "a corporate action in which a company's existing shares are divided into multiple shares. Although the number of shares outstanding increases b... Read More »

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Approximately how many companies have stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange?

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and its related NYSE Arca, NYSE Euronext, and NYSE Alternext equities markets trade the shares of nearly 5,200 companies from around the world, 3,915 of which are... Read More »

Difference Between Stock Dividend & Stock Split?

A stock dividend occurs when the company uses the amount of money that would be paid as a cash dividend to purchase additional common shares for the shareholder. A stock split happens when a compan... Read More »

How many companies have stock traded on the new york stock exchange?

There are about 8,500 companies that trade on the New York Stock Exchange as of March 2010. This number is dynamic as companies are added and withdrawn regularly. There are 451 of these companies t... Read More »

What is a 3-for-2 stock split?

When a company incorporates, it issues stock--also referred to as shares--to the owners. In publicly owned corporations, the stock in these companies is publicly traded: It can be bought and sold o... Read More »