Why Do Birds Roost on Power Lines?

Answer "Birds of a feather, flock together," and they often flock to power lines. It is an everyday phenomenon to see birds perching on electric lines. Just as some people are gregarious and others, loner... Read More »

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Why can birds sit on power lines?

Telephone and power lines towering above the ground seem to provide the perfect perching spot for birds. Birds sitting happily atop highly charged lines might leave you wondering how it is possible... Read More »

Why don't birds get hurt on power lines?

Anywhere in the United States you'll find birds sitting on power lines, towers and polls. It is common knowledge that power lines are extremely dangerous and everyone should stay away from them. Ho... Read More »

Why do birds line up on power lines?

Birds perched in rows on power lines are a familiar sight, as are flocks of startled birds that swoop and quickly change direction in the air before settling on a place to roost. This common congre... Read More »

How do birds perch on power lines safely?

Contrary to popular belief, birds cannot always sit on power lines and not get electrocuted. They can only sit on the power line safely if they do not touch anything else while also being on the po... Read More »