Why Do Battery Cables Corrode?

Answer Corroded battery cables don't just look bad under your hood - corroded cables also limit the amount of current flowing to and from the battery. That doesn't only make it harder for your battery to ... Read More »

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How to Know If Your Battery Cables Are Bad?

Many car owners have had problems starting their car with what appears to be a dead or weak battery, only to have the battery tested and told that it is in good condition. Sometimes this symptom is... Read More »

How to Extend Battery Cables?

Direct current battery cables carry electrical current in a circuit. The electricity flows away from the positive terminal and back into the battery through the negative terminal. As electricity mo... Read More »

How to Clean Battery Cables?

Many times a car will not start because of corroded battery terminals or the cables need replacing. The car battery produces electrical current to start your car. A running engine turns the alterna... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Battery Cables?

Battery cables are used to transmit power from the battery to the various electrical components in the vehicle. Technically speaking, the alternator is connected to the battery, which in turn power... Read More »