Why Do Animals Become Endangered or Extinct?

Answer Life emerged on earth roughly 3.5 billion years ago; in that time, diverse species have come and gone. There are several reasons why animals become endangered or extinct: radical environmental chan... Read More »

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Extinct, Endangered and Threatened Animals?

While animal extinction has always been part of Earth's evolution, species are vanishing at a faster pace than ever before, according to the website Animal Port. Extinct animals are those that have... Read More »

What Animals Are Extinct or Endangered in Louisiana?

With its wet marshlands, Louisiana hosts an array of different species types. As in areas all over the world, several species within Louisiana are going extinct. Usually, extinction can be attribut... Read More »

Endangered or Extinct Plants?

When encountered with the terms "endangered" and "extinct," you usually imagine a graceful waterbird covered in oil or the mighty, long-gone dinosaurs of the Jurassic period. However, the endangerm... Read More »

What would an endangered animal that goes extinct have as an impact on the economy?

The extinction of animals can have a profound impact on the economy, considering scientists and engineers find more and more uses for animals and plants everyday.SignificanceAfter estimating in 201... Read More »