Why Did My Head Gasket Fail?

Answer When a head gasket fails, coolant begins to leak into the crankcase and mixes with the engine oil. This mixture creates a milky-like substance that will coat anything and everything it touches. Coo... Read More »

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Why do Cameras fail to capture tiny sounds EG scratching head,droppng a coin,or slapping a pillow?

Because they are tiny sounds and the camera microphone isn't as sensitive as your ears.

What is a head gasket?

A head gasket is a manufactured membrane of uniform thickness that rests between the main part of the engine (called the engine block) and the cylinder head on top. Once installed, a head gasket ca... Read More »

How to Know If Your Head Gasket Is Bad?

The head gasket is sits between the engine block and the cylinder head. This gasket seals the engine cylinders to keep coolant from leaking into the engine and to ensure maximum compression of its... Read More »

How to Fit a Head Gasket?

A head gasket is set between the engine block and the cylinder heads, maintaining compression within the combustion chamber and stopping the coolant from leaking into the engine cylinders. This par... Read More »